Poem and photos © 2011 Audrey Bryk

    Autumn walks with wooden swords
    Slaying all the neighbors’ gourds
    Keeping Mama safe from harm
    From within reach of her arm.

    Sailing ships in violent storms
    “It’s certain death!” he informs
    But before he’ll face his fears
    She will wash behind his ears.

    A late-night walk through a cave
    He’s not scared; he’s strong, he’s brave
    But when his head begins to spin
    She’ll close the book, and tuck him in.

    He’ll jump right out of a tree
    Take a fall and skin his knee
    He’ll spill no tears down his face
    Until he feels his Mom’s embrace.

    Boys are something to behold
    Wills of iron, hearts of gold
    Not invincible by far -
    But born just perfect as they are.
                                                              ~Audrey Bryk

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