Cutting Culture

We are living in a time and place where parents today have grown up deeply immersed within a cutting culture. This comes through in everything we do, say, think, and the ways in which unnecessary infant pain and suffering are callously laughed at or ignored on a national scale. The items shared here are sociological snapshots of this point in U.S. history. They are not meant to shame those who did not know better -- we all make mistakes, we all have room to grow in our parenting journeys. They are meant to be an eye-opening example of this day and age, and a mirroring of what will soon hopefully be a horrific time long gone. Unnecessary forced genital cutting of any human being is brutal and leaves lasting impacts long after the knife is put away.

This is one battle that no newborn should be forced to survive...
Your son is not a warrior. He is an innocent baby desperate for your love and gentle care.

No one needs endure such things - not moms, not babies. Mothers: listen to your maternal instinct - protect your baby! These tears are unnecessary when babies are kept as they come into this world - perfect and complete.

This is not the way that any brand new, tender life should be welcomed to the world - with strapped legs, probes, and scalpels slicing the genitals. Any human being - especially one who cannot comprehend the horror - would want to return to a "happy place" far, far away from such madness.

How plastibell circumcision happens: 

Penile probing as part of circumcision (adult content):

Keep that smile on your son's face - keep him intact.

If the brutality of genital cutting on the most innocent of human beings does not move you into action, something may be wrong... The life-changing horrors are evident in every fiber of this little one's face.

For a newborn baby: 
1 ounce of blood loss results in hemorrhage. 
2.3 ounces of blood loss can result in death. 
Don’t take this chance. Keep your son intact. 

Left out at a baby shower held this past weekend. There are few words that would do justice here... Please, research the many, many reasons that all babies (regardless of sex) want to keep all of their full and functioning genitals at birth and beyond.

US House Passes Religious Freedom Bill Protecting Circumcision, Ritual Slaughter:

Forced genital cutting without medical necessity is something that no child of any age should have to survive. There are few places outside the U.S. where such a #CuttingCulture is seen, but Davao City, Philippines is one. 

 In January of this year, we sent materials to two clincians working in the Philippines, thanks to your support of SOS (, so that families there receive information to keep their sons (of all ages) intact. Both clinicians told us that many want to cut because they believe that it is what Americans do...

Too many Americans are unaware of what happens to baby boys every day, every hour, in this nation. Both behind hospital doors, and in family homes. All babies, regardless of their parents' chosen faith, are equally deserving of the basic human right of genital autonomy. [Graphic by Anthony Webster, Intact Massachusetts

Last month, the Israeli Health Ministry, headed by ultra-Orthodox Minister, Rabbi Yakov Litzman, called for an end to Metzitzah B’Peh (the circumcision ritual of oral suction by mouth that has killed numerous babies in the United States due to resulting herpes cases). 

Further resources by/for Jewish families: 

 Talking Jewish Circumcision (Especially when you aren't Jewish):

For this public post in Nevada, there simply are no words...

5lb13oz preemie in a West Virginia NICU, struggling to gain weight and surive, was cut today and now faces further turmoil. Things like this are simply unimaginable. One day we will look back at what we do to babies now with horror, and wonder how we ever lived with ourselves as a cutting nation.

"This is a video of this little baby right after nurses brought him back to his parents. His fists are clenched, his brow is furrowed, and his breathing is strange, and he's whimpering."  No, 'all the boys' will not thank anyone for cutting the best part of their penis off... Tragedy in a cutting culture. 

What boys and men do thank parents for is protecting them and granting them full and functioning genitals for a lifetime.  More men speak:


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