Shopping Amazon?

You can support the baby-saving efforts of Saving Our Sons in the process! Bookmark this page as your Amazon tab, and click through when going to browse and shop. Your entire experience remains the same, and a small percent goes back to SOS.

While this isn't much, it helps to curtail costs of the many expos and events we host throughout the year, including the upcoming SOS Odyssey, Genital Integrity Awareness Week, and The Grand Intact Stand, costs of maintaining an online presence through this website and others we help to host, the many families who write to SOS to request intact care or circumcision information materials, as well as the 'Do Not Retract' and 'Prevention' physician packs that go out each week to practitioners across the United States and beyond.

Thank you for supporting the grassroots work we pour our hearts into!

If you're not an Amazon shopper, but would like to support SOS efforts, please join as a baby sponsor:

Target is also giving-back! Shop: or learn more:

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